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As a company, we are passionate about people and about excellence. We place high value on high quality because our customers deserve the best we have to offer. Whether we're supplying you with truckloads of lubricants or your morning cup of coffee, we want your experience with Midtex to equip you for your daily endeavors and to make you feel valued.

We Are A Proud Partner of the American Red Cross!

Midtex Oil, LP partners with the American Red Cross and continually raises more than $25,000 annually to support their organization efforts.

Community Involvement

We believe it is our calling, not the government's, to freely and responsibly assist those around us who need a helping hand. As such, we are proud supporters of the communities we serve. Our goal is to be an ideal corporate citizen by making New Braunfels and the Greater San Antonio area a better place for children and families to live, work and play. We live by and contribute according to this philosophy. Since our humble beginning in 1966, we have regularly sponsored and donated to local schools, athletic programs, churches, civic organizations and community fundraisers. We also do our best to take care of individuals within our team who happen to fall upon hard times and need help.

Throughout each year we typically make a substantial amount of financial donations to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. We also contribute products and equipment from our stores to help make non-profit events more successful. The Directors of Midtex Oil also donate their time and knowledge to local organizations and boards such as the local Rotary Clubs, The Wurstfest Association, McKenna Foundation Board, Church Boards, and various school committees.

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Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Midtex Oil is proud to employ eco-friendly initiatives whenever possible. We offer E85 at four of our stations. Ethanol is a renewable domestic product that provides several benefits:

  • Ethanol provides free fuel injector cleaner - ethanol burns 100% and leaves no residue. It also helps dissolve injector deposits left behind by other fuels.
  • Ethanol provides free fresh air on tap which reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon tailpipe emissions.
  • The use of renewable energy sources like ethanol decrease the nation's dependence on petroleum.

We also utilize energy saving light fixtures in all of our new stores, as well as a state of the art water conservation system - especially beneficial in a drought prone area like Texas.

Shrine Circus

Here at Midtex Oil, we take pride in donating to help better our community, and that includes the Shrine Circus! Every year, we donate to Shrine Circus to help children that are less fortunate, or are dealing with serious illnesses in hospitals. 

The Alzafar Shriners are proud to present the Alzafar Shrine Circus for the San Antonio area. Your generous contribution will help make it possible for underprivileged and challenged children to attend this 3-ring circus; a thrilling event in every child's life. This year's Alzafar Shrine Circus will be held at the Freeman Coliseum on September 11-13, 2020.

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