Petroleum Equipment

Equipment Loaning and Maintenance

Welcome to Midtex Oil, a premier Texas petroleum manufacturer and distributor. We've been serving our great state, and local community, for over 50 years. With experience like that, you can trust Midtex to understand your equipment loaning and maintenance wants and needs.

Buying petroleum equipment outright is often extremely expensive, and it can be difficult to locate equipment that you know will work correctly. Here at Midtex, we offer a wide range of equipment for loan, including tanks, pumps, and other dispensers necessary for petroleum services.

Midtex doesn't stop there, though; we also offer maintenance plans for all of our loanable equipment. You can rest easy knowing our trained technicians are out there, checking on your equipment and ensuring that it's working correctly.
Contact us today, or call us at 830-625-4214 to talk to someone about equipment loaning and maintenance.

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