Midtex Oil: A History of Commitment and Quality

At Midtex Oil we’re no strangers to hard work, persistence, and commitment to quality. 

Since our humble beginnings in 1966, we’ve grown to become one of Texas’ foremost petroleum distributors. Family-owned and operated since our founding, Midtex Oil began with the purchase of one small tanker and two pickup trucks by Maurice (M.D.) and Charlene Fischer in Comal County. 

Today, the Fischers still own and operate Midtex Oil, but the company itself has grown to a “family” of over 250 employees across South-Central and Eastern Texas. We’re proud to continue our 55+ year legacy of reliably and responsibly providing high-quality fuel and fluids throughout Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.
Products Provided – Fuels 
We’re confident that whatever your fuel needs are, our lineup of wholesale products will not only meet but exceed expectations. From airplane fuel to e-85, we’ve got you covered. Some of our most popular Midtex Oil fuel service categories include:

  • Diesel Products sourced only from major refineries and pipelines such as Motiva, Enterprise, and Magellan. 
  • Gasoline that’s only ever sourced from quality terminals operated by major fuel refineries. 
  • Ethanol in any blend needed (E85, E15, E100, or a custom blend) from our fully automated loading terminal. 
  • Racing Fuels in varying Octane Levels in conjunction with our partner, Torco Racing Fuels. 

Products Provided – Lubricants
At Midtex oil we also manufacture a variety of high-quality wholesale lubricants for virtually any operational need. When you choose to work with us, you’re trusting your project operations to the lubricant experts. From hydraulic oil to drive train lubricants, we have the right products from trusted brands to meet your needs. 
Products Provided – DEF
Since 2015 we’ve been proud to offer Texas Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas areas. This solution plays a critical role in reducing the harmful emissions of nitrogen oxide from diesel engines. 
Offered Services 
At Midtex Oil our dedication to service goes beyond providing top-quality products. To ensure our customers have everything they need to succeed, we provide contracting services for the following operations: 

  • Equipment Loan and Maintenance
  • Used Oil Reclamation
  • Oil Filtration and Dehydration
  • Oil Analysis Program
  • Plant and Fleet Technical Survey

Giving Back 
Our Mpact Initiative – “Do Good…Change the World.” 
We believe in a responsibility to give back to the communities that we are honored to provide services for. Since our founding, we have partnered with and supported local schools, churches, athletic programs, and community fundraisers. 
In addition to funding local efforts, Midtex Oil also supports three global causes through the MPact Initiative – BuildOn, Trees for the Future, and Living Water International. By providing customers the opportunity to donate to these causes through the purchase of everyday items like gum, mints, or water, we believe that we can work together to help meet basic needs around the world. 
Why Choose Midtex Oil 
From the ground up, Midtex Oil has been built upon a foundation of hard work and high-quality customer care. Our wholesale lubrication, fuel, and specialty products have been hand-picked to meet virtually any consumer, transport, or industrial need – and we are proud to partner with major brands like Citgo, Blue Sky, Mystik Lubricants, Aeroshell, and more. 
Explore our wide variety of wholesale options, or contact us today to discuss your next project!