Our Purpose

To help others flourish (Employees, Customers, Community) - to edify and build up others

To provide people with time (Customer) - so they may get to their real priorities

To "Make Their Day" (Customers, Employees, Civic) - to help others experience joy

"To provide a place for people to flourish while providing fast and heroic customer service to others."

Respect Others

"People before Profits"

We need each other. People (coworkers, management, customers, family) and the relationships we have with them should always come first. Caring for and valuing others includes praise and nuture as well as accountability and discipline. We should always make it a priority to be reconciled to one another in the spirit of teamwork. Ultimately, the bottom line will always reflect the quality of the relationships within a team.

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"Do the Right Thing!"

Integrity is more than being honest and telling the truth. It means taking responsibility for our own actions, owning them, and boldly facing the consequences of them. It demands the discipline of keeping our commitments and promises to subordinates, co-workers, customers, vendors, family, friends, and ourselves. Integrity means doing and being what is right when no one is watching...no matter what seems "fair"...no matter the consequences.


"Seek to Serve!"

Attitude: We are in a service business and are each called to serve. An attitude of service to others must be continually practiced, cultivated and developed. It usually requires sacrifice. The quality of service that we provide to our customers ultimately depends on how well we serve each other. Look for opportunities to serve.

Communication: The most practical way to serve others in the workplace is to listen. Only after we understand others first, should we seek to be understood. We must choose our words carefully, whether written or spoken. Effective communication is the key to success.

Joy In The Journey: Serving others produces the greatest joy. As you work and serve others, let yourself experience the joy of having helped someone other than yourself. Delight in the victories of others. Let your joy be contagious and do not tolerate those who work to steal it.

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"Do Things Right!"

Our goal is to provide excellent products and service to our customers. That is what we are paid for and that is what our customers expect. Our reputation and future business depend on it. Personally, we should develop the discipline to never settle for "less than excellent" from ourselves or others.

Unceasing Growth

"Good Enough Never Is"

Personally and corporately, we must grow. Growth always involves change. This is an industry of change, and we must not be afraid to make those changes that are necessary for growth and survival. We should constantly and proactively evaluate what we do and who we are. Honest mistakes are opportunities for growth and should not be feared. We must relentlessly strive to set new standards and reach beyond ourselves to accomplish great things.

Never confuse having a career with having a life. While you are growing professionally, be proactive in developing the spiritual, social, physical, and emotional aspects of your life. Make time for your family. Set aside time to plan.

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"Make a Difference"

God designed all of us for a purpose and therefore, we matter. If we passionately "value people", if we passionately seek to "serve others", if we passionately pursue "excellence", and passionately fight to "do the right thing", if we passionately demand more than "good enough", we will fulfill that purpose. We will find joy and we will spread it into the world around us. We must understand and accept that we can and will make a difference to this world, to ourselves, and to God.

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