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Midtex Oil brings our customers only the best in synthetic oil lubricants. We distribute our synthetic oil lubricants to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the greater Texas area.

There are many benefits to using synthetic oil to power your motor vehicles. Unlike conventional lubricants, synthetic oils provide excellent wear protection, outstanding performance in both high and low temperatures, and they protect your engine from harmful deposits and sludge.

Because conventional oils are derived from crude oil, elements such as sulfur, nitrogen, and metal components cannot be refined away completely. This means that conventional oils don’t perform as well as synthetic oils. Our synthetic oils are refined and distilled to provide maximum levels of protection and performance for your motor.

Wholesale Synthetic Oil in Austin, Houston & San Antonio

Please call our warehouse at 830-625-4214 to place your wholesale synthetic oil order, or contact us here today. Thank you for choosing Midtex OIl!

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