Diesel Products

Diesel Fuel Supplier for Austin, Houston & San Antonio

Get High-Quality Diesel from Midtex Oil

At Midtex Oil we offer only the finest diesel products in Texas. We market quality diesel fuel that meets TXLED and ULSD specifications for on-road and off-road use.

Our diesel products are sourced only from major refineries and pipeline operators such as Motiva, Enterprise, and Magellan, and supplied to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. You can be assured of quality product deliveries meeting all performance and EPA requirements. Whether you're a gas station, transport, or industrial customer, we offer fast, reliable delivery and industry-leading support.

Premium Fuels

The premium fuels we offer have higher lubricity and cetane ratings compared to conventional diesel, which means less friction and wear on your engine. We also distribute biodiesel in B99, B30, B20, and B10 blends, as well as marine fuel and racing fuels under the TORCO brand. Call us at 830-625-4214 to learn more!

Read the Magellan Diesel Fuel Specifications documentation

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