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Midtex Oil proudly distributes high-quality wholesale fuel products, servicing Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. Wherever you're going and whatever you're driving to get there, Midtex Oil is here to help you reach your destination efficiently.

With a full lineup of quality, dependable brands and a variety of products that we are proud to supply our customers with, we are confident we can meet your needs.
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Diesel Products

Our diesel products are sourced only from major refineries and pipeline operators such as Motiva, Enterprise and Magellan, and supplied to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.



Like our diesel fuels, we source our gasoline products only from quality terminals operated by major fuel refineries, such as Motiva, Magellan, and Enterprise.



We have a fully automated loading terminal and are able to offer any blend of ethanol you need (E85, E15, E100, or a custom blend). We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of renewable fuels in Texas.


Racing Fuels

Partnered with Torco Racing Fuels, we are proud to offer Racing Fuels to our customers in many different Octane Levels.



We pride ourselves in purchasing fuel only through reputable, major fuel terminals such as Kinder Morgan, Magellan, Enterprise Pipeline and Motiva.

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